Kode Matakuliah : PAP118
Jumlah SKS : 2
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Vocabulary: Greek Roots And Latin Roots, Idiom, Phrase; Grammar: Passive Voice, Participle, Compound Sentence ; Reading: Techniques of Reading for Specific Purposes; Writing: Apply Preposition into Sentences, Writing Summary and Note Taking, Writing Application; Speaking: Language of Interview.

Buku Acuan:
1. Azar, B. S. (1989). Understanding and Using English Grammar. 2nd ed. New Jersey: Prentice Hall.
2. Comon, M. J. and Heavers, K. L. (1991). Reading Comprehension and Speed, Skimming and scanning, Reading for pleasure. New York: Lincolnwood National Textbook Company.
3. Soepriyanto, B. dkk. (1995). Reading – English for Academic Purposes for University Undergraduates. Bandung: ITB.
4. McCallum, P. G. (1970). Idiom Drills – for Students of English as a Secondary Language. New York: Thomas Y. Crowell Company.

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