The Program Educational Objectives (PEO) of UPP ‘s curriculum strive to equip graduates with the following attributes:

  1. PEO 1: To have strong knowledge and competency in physics to advance in diverse career path or to pursue higher degree in physics.
  2. PEO 2: To be professionals with appropriate softskills and excellent work ethics
  3. PEO 3: To demonstrate positive attitude, integrity and high responsibility to the community and global society.

The Expected Learning Outcomes (ELO) of UPP’s curriculum strive to equip graduates with the following attributes::

  1. ELO 1: Able to acquire knowledge of fundamental laws and principles of classical and modern physics(Keywords :Fundamental Knowledge)
  2. ELO 2: Able to apply laws and principles of physics using experimental methods, mathematical and computational techniques to solve physical problems and related field.  (Keywords :Application of Physics Knowledge and Skills)
  3. ELO 3 :Able to conduct experiments in physics systematically as well as to interpret data and to present result correctly. (Keywords :Experimentation Skills)
  4. ELO 4 : Able to plan, perform and evaluate scientific studies and research related to physics or broader areas specifically those related to the innovation of science and technology and disaster mitigation.(Keywords: Scientific Study and Research)
  5. ELO 5 : Able to identify, formulate, analyze and solve problem scientifically (Keywords : Critical Thinking and Problem Solving)
  6. ELO6: Able to function effectively in multidisciplinary teams.(Keywords: Team-working Skills)
  7. ELO 7: Have fundamental capability in oral and written communication both in Bahasa and in English. (Keywords : Communication Skills)
  8. ELO 8: Able to continuously seek and acquire contemporary knowledge, work independently and manage learning time effectively (Keywords : Lifelong Learning and Information Management)
  9. ELO 9: Able to practice ethical values and integrity in scientific and social interaction (Keywords : Adaptability, ethics and integrity)
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